Welcome to the distributed mining pool of cryptocurrency.

In the navigation bar, the Statistics link leads to a site with detailed statistical information on pools. Hashrate users and pools, the calculation of profitability, luck and more.

The firmware leads to the download page for the alternative firmware for S9, S9i, S9j from Vnish, created and maintained by the author specifically for p2pool.site. The firmware has great functionality, allows you to overclock asic and more. Using the firmware version for p2pool.site has the full official support of the author, it can work on any pool, but p2pool.site does not charge a fee from it, although it is indicated on the node.







Bitcoin (BTC) sha256d msk.p2pool.site:9334 nn.p2pool.site:9334
Litecoin (LTC) scrypt msk.p2pool.site:9327 nn.p2pool.site:9327
Dash (DASH) x11 msk.p2pool.site:7903 nn.p2pool.site:7903
BitcoinCash (BCH) sha256d msk.p2pool.site:9348 nn.p2pool.site:9348
BitcoinCashSV (BCHSV) sha256d msk.p2pool.site:6339 nn.p2pool.site:6339
Bitcoin Atom (BCA) sha256d msk.p2pool.site:3027 nn.p2pool.site:3027
LitecoinCash (LCC) sha256d msk.p2pool.site:5055 nn.p2pool.site:5055
Digibyte (DGB) sha256d msk.p2pool.site:5027 nn.p2pool.site:5027
Digibyte (DGB) scrypt msk.p2pool.site:5025 nn.p2pool.site:5025
Digibyte (DGB) qubit msk.p2pool.site:5023 nn.p2pool.site:5023
Digibyte (DGB) groestl msk.p2pool.site:5021 nn.p2pool.site:5021
Digibyte (DGB) skein msk.p2pool.site:5029 nn.p2pool.site:5029
Gamecredits (GAME) scrypt msk.p2pool.site:40004 nn.p2pool.site:40004
Gulden (NLG) scrypt msk.p2pool.site:27100 nn.p2pool.site:27100
Artbyte (ABY) scrypt msk.p2pool.site:5110 nn.p2pool.site:5110
Goldcoin (GLD) scrypt msk.p2pool.site:8124 nn.p2pool.site:8124
Cannabiscoin (CANN) x11 msk.p2pool.site:28741 nn.p2pool.site:28741
KZCash (KZC) x11 msk.p2pool.site:8279 nn.p2pool.site:8279
Vertcoin (VTC) lyra2re3 msk.p2pool.site:9171 nn.p2pool.site:9171
Argentum (ARG) argon2d msk.p2pool.site:9552 nn.p2pool.site:9552
Help The Homeless (HTH) x16r msk.p2pool.site:3013 nn.p2pool.site:3013
Bitcore (BTX) timetravel10 nn.p2pool.site:3017